5 Centimeters Per Second

So, I just watched this great anime film, which is split into 3 parts. (You can find the full version on teh yewtewbs in the related videos section of the trailer)

This movie is a very meaningful story. Now I could ramble on about how amazing it was but then it would spoil it for whoever wants to watch it. Besides, most of what I have to say, have been said, by critics and other viewers.

Just three words from me: Damn it, trains!


Let’s see…

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Direct / Indirect

I really don’t get the idea of ‘direct’ and ‘indirect’ in comments and messages and whatnot.

Personally, I feel that as long as it is, well, as per definition of the word, straight to the point, it can be considered direct. The target of the message does not have to be stated. Now in order to decipher the intended audience, one has to know the context behind that message, but at the end of the day, the message is pretty clear cut. And for the intended audience, he should most likely know it is directed to him anyway.  Hence, direct.

On the other side of the coin, is indirect messages. A generic indirect message most likely has a superficial ‘layer’, of sorts, which is what most people can see. However, not unlike an orange, as one starts to peel open the layer, you get the nice juicy parts inside. No clear target, no evident subliminal message. To the people who aren’t immediately involved in it will require some time to truly figure out what is going on. Even knowing the context of that comment, one does not necessarily know the intended message or audience. Hence, indirect.

However, it seems that our current generation has used too much social media. The definitions of ‘direct’ and ‘indirect’ have been boiled down to whether or not you specifically mention the person’s name in the message to indicate that that is for him. 

And that just takes the fun out of everything. Nonetheless, just my 2 cents on the matter. Might not be the most politically correct, or even factually correct, but whatever. 


Psst. Try to figure out if this post is direct or indirect.

Know the context please.

That day, when Wei Yi, Yu Ze, Si Ding, Sophia, Terence and I were at the concourse, the 3 MSP students were studying for their malay oral and the others were just doing their homework and whatnot. 

Then all of a sudden you came out of nowhere and just started talking to some of us. I didn’t really care at all, and just carried on what I was doing. Then, as he always does, Wei Yi went to pester Yu Ze about some malay phrase, and threatened to flip Yu Ze’s pencil case if the latter did not comply. Angrily, I made the comment “Better than some people right, don’t know anything at all”. Apparently it just nice happened to coincide with whatever the heck you were talking about, and suddenly I was scolding you instead. Once again, I didn’t really care.

But then, that night at NSP, by sheer misfortune, we happened to cross ways at a water cooler. As I passed you, you made a comment (as a comeback to my earlier ‘comment on you’) “I may not know anything, but I know you should not steal you best friend’s girlfriend.”

Same thing say almost half a year already, not sian I also sian la please. The worst part is it’s factually incorrect. But I shan’t dig that up and argue about that again. There’s an idiom, I’m not sure if it’s an English idiom or a Chinese idiom, but it goes along the line of “if you are constantly offending others, you will be constantly on the look out for others offending yourself”.