“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” – Albert Einstein 

Just stop. Don’t waste what precious time life has given us. Just…




For MYE this year, I think I studied more than what I usually do, and honestly I think I was on a good track. Over the course of the studying (at NSP or at home, mostly the former), I clarified more doubts than the 1.5 years of education (plain and conspicuous sarcasm here.). The point is, if I had actually carried on the diligence and actually sat down everyday for 3 hours to just do a subject, over the June holidays I probably would’ve covered the syllabus by now and is doing practice papers. 

But of course, I stumbled upon the marvelous money-sucking, time-consuming, life-threatening  known as gaming. 

First, I went to the arcade to just mess around with my friends. What I thought was just a random day out turned out to be a disaster. Would spend hours after school and over the weekends camping at an arcade just playing games, if not camping at a friend’s house waiting to go out to an arcade to play games. 

Second, my dad got me this sweet new laptop which could run all of my games smoothly (including L4D2, which fried my old laptop’s graphics card, literally.). Intel i7 + dedicated vram + 8gb ram = Lol, study? Haha. Anyway, I started playing old games which I have never really played since my computer died, like L4D2, TF2, etc. Including infamous cash vampire, A$$soft’s very own MapleStorySEA. (round of applause.) Trained like 3 new characters to 120, and about 4 characters to lvl 100. Might not be a lot to some of those really crazy ones. And I also bought some cash because of the super sweet events (supposedly. *cough* ninja event drop rate nerfs *cough* ). 

And now, I’m thinking of buying some more games on Steam thanks to the STEAM SUMMER SALE WOOTS. The sale has one and only one purpose: to make you spend money on games you will never ever even install! (Points to friend who has over 50 games in steam, none installed) The very same Portal 2 I bought 3 weeks ago for $20 is now going for $5. WOOT. Hopefully gonna be able to buy some really nice games I’ve noticed like Surgeon Simulator and CS: Complete. Probably never gonna get around to playing them. But whatever.

Tomorrow I’m planning to go to NSP again. Didn’t place an order for dinner so I have no idea how that’s gonna work. Hopefully I’ll stop being a lazy bum and be hardworking again. Though I see that happening at a highly unlikely chance. At least for this period of time before prelim 2. Sigh. 

97 days left. 

Procrastination level: ∞


“Two plus two equals four. But if you change a two to a three, it doesn’t equal four anymore. It equals five.

Now imagine a really complex mathematical equation with thousands or even millions of numbers. Same thing. If you change even one number, the whole equation changes. Think of all the events that ever happened in the past as numbers in an equation. If you changed even one of those events, it would change all the events that followed. The whole equation would have to be recalculated.” 

Now that whole chunk up there was adapted from a book called ‘Pendragon Book Three: The Never War’.

Sure, it’s a storybook, and it probably seems just like gibberish. But it really has a point. A particular event could just be an addition. +1. No biggie. Others could be massive. A power. A root. Everything all comes down together, affecting one another in this grand scheme of the space-time continuum. It really sets one thinking, you know? For all you know, looking at this particular blogpost could cause your future grandson 60 years from now to die from lung cancer. I just want to know how big of a number I am, and what other variables are dependent upon my actions. Every time I let myself run loose, I create a mark on the paper, another multiple sign. Another root. Anything and everything stupid that I have every done have the ability to ruin something at a much more colossal scale. 

If we had enough advanced technology (googolplex-bit computers, probably), maybe we’d be able to actually predict everything, every variable. If 3000 years down the road that happens, I want there to be a calculation made. Just how much is my value? Am I a coefficient? An additive? Who knows?