Firstly, your particular comment “You’re supposed to teach them drills, not train their fitness” is extremely biased. There was only one time where you voiced out about me going overboard with pumping, and that was when we first took over not too long. I listened to you, I cut down on the pumping. Then you had no qualms about it anymore. All of you say that all I do is scream and shout until my veins pop. Then pump. Then scream and shout some more. That is not true. I do that only when their standard is extremely bad that particular activity. And when the part is so big that not shouting would cause only half the part to pay attention and the other half daydreaming. When I take a section of about 9 or 10, I practically never pump at all, unless the condition of “extremely bad standard” is met. And even then it’s just a generic “You are Part B, bla bla bla,” and 20 pumping. I teach them the drill, then let them practice and clarify doubts. Then I test them for any mistakes, correct their mistakes, and retest, so on and so forth until I deem it up to standard, then I incorporate it into everyday drilling. It’s been proven to work. I did that for the whole of the annual camp when it was a section-level training period. They picked up the drill fast, they hammered out their mistakes fast. It was good. In my section’s reflection booklets, they said that I showed a more fun side of me and I did not pump as much, and I would put in stories and jokes into training to make it less of a bore.

Secondly, the C/offr who was present last Wednesday explicitly said that I am not to interfere with Part A, Part B, Part C training. If anything, I am only to do background stuff like S1 and S4. The extent of my participation in any form of training would be following them in PT. And now you are telling me to take them for retest. What am I to you? You strip me of my post, then tell me to do exactly what that post entails. My job description now bans me from doing that. Unless you get everybody, and I mean everybody, who made this particular decision to strip my post to tell me straight to my face that I am to help you do the retest. Otherwise, I will say no. I am just abiding to the rules that was set for me.

Finally, I’m sure you’ll pull some argument that I was not supposed to mention this on the internet, on any form of social media. However, the same aforementioned C/offr also said that the people involved in the making of the decision would keep it a secret. The only person who had the right to say anything, to any extent whatsoever, was me. Who I tell it to, how much I tell, is all up to me. That is what I was promised. But you told YZ. Please tell me how that is keeping your end of the agreement. Also, I told the Part B that I won’t be taking them any more. I explicitly said that the reason why will not be disclosed to them. And you said that you will tell them the next activity on that post itself. Please, for the love of God, tell me how that is keeping your end of the agreement.

That is all.

Edit: In fact, that was this one time where we were doing PT with them and they were doing rounds around the lake. After I saw the large number of gaps between each person, I shouted, “Every gap I see you all owe me 5.”, to get them to cover up the gaps and whatnot. Then you went and counted the number of people present that day, then proceed to conclude that there would be XX number of gaps and ergo, 5XX pumping. -.-



NCCHMS FSD has come a long way this past year. A brand new post was set aside, FSD OIC, we finally got a Freestyle Auxiliary Instructor (AI), and this year’s batch of Part Cs clinched 3rd in this year’s annual East district Freestyle competition!. They are going to proceed to the finals during the March Holidays. 

It makes me proud to know that I was part of this particular drill squad. I was in the FSD Team in 2011 and 2012. This is the 4th year we entered this competition, 1st time we got 5th, 2nd time we got 7th, 3rd time we got 11th, and this time we got 3rd! What a great leap forward. 

Cross Country Day!

Today was Cross Country. The last one for my batch. And it was the first one that I actually didn’t cab to! And I was late. Bloody hell. I was at the bus stop. Bus no.43 came. I queued for it, naturally. But suddenly… a group of about 9001 students from other schools appeared before me. They got on, and the second I was about to get on, 

“Sorry ah, bus full already. Wait for next one”. 

Bloody hell sia. Waited for the next one for like 15 minutes. And you know how late I was for the event? 15 minutes. Oh well.

Once I reach I put down my bag and took my class t-shirt and ran to change into it. The ‘i’s had ❤ on the top, the ‘t’, h’ s’ horizontal strokes are too damn low. My name’s supposed to be “Chingstah”. Now it looks like “Chingsiall” Dayum. Then, I got my hair spray-dyed marvelously by a master in the art. Then he and I proceeded to spam my ex-colleague the banana tree with 2 different coloured hairsprays. Spam like free. Woop. So much aerosol! So much fumes! There was so much smoke coming out of his hair it was like a volcano lol. 

Then was the fun run. Haha so funny. Just walk and walk and walk. Talk talk talk, eat chips. Walked past another class who was singing out loud Biebzz songs and Adele songs. Then walk some more. Haha. Then some of us sprinted for a while. Then stop right before the turning point. Damn tired sia. Then at the water point which few of my juniors were manning it. Then we splash each other with water. Haha. ❤ those cute bastards. Then we just walked right back. My class actually got 1st for team event! 1st and 2nd Sec 4 finalists for guys were from my class. Really happy for them! 

Then after that we went out. We went to Tampines for a movie. We had an hour to burn and we haven’t had lunch, so we went to a Korean BBQ place in Tampines 1 mall. The meat was sooo nice. The meat so tender. So tasty. So amazing. Foodgasm. We watched “Beautiful Creatures”. Damn nice. It was about this magical caster girl turning 16, and when she did, she would either become a good or a bad caster. In the end she became half and half. Pft. It was awesome. Then we had icecream at mcdonald’s then went home. 

But today also damn sian. Kept getting reminded how much of a fail I was, both CCA-wise and relationship-wise. Since I’ve been sworn to secrecy on the former matter I shall dwell on the latter. 

Throughout the entire event I kept seeing her. Not intentionally. I would turn around to talk to a friend and in the corner of my eye, she’d be there. Gah. Maybe if i had played my cards right I would’ve been next to her instead. And then after the event, I saw this tweet from one of her friends. “Super entertained by this guy who randomly walked over and talked to us and got our numbers”. … What now? What? Just giving it away? I know we’re living in a modern society, blablabla, she’s not my girlfriend, blablabla, but still. What? I sat next to her for a year in class, and I got her number from a fellow classmate. I guess you’re just friendly to anyone, just not to me. 

And then there’s this other girl that I have a wee crush on, though I can’t say full on 24/7 stalkerz mode engaged. Except she disregards any hint at that particular possibility. 

BRB, #cutforching 


I don’t see in anyway how that is insulting to him. He was in fact given an S1 post. He was not a good teacher, and he sure as well couldn’t take a part. After seeing how the SSG of the part take them, don’t you think he would have picked up a few things along the way so that he can take the part? But no leh. The SSG everyday pump here pump there scold here scold there. What he do? Never do anything. Just ask us nicely. Not like he don’t know how we were disciplined by our SSG. Talking was already something my part could not respond to. The only reason why he can even remotely take the current part C is because their SSG is a guy who also likes to talk and give speeches. 

Yes, he was promoted to 1SG. But was he promoted because of his exemplary skills in commanding and teaching? I do not know, but here’s are pretty good guess: He was extra. And that’s not an insult that’s a compliment. He was an S1, yet he did the jobs of the S4, Safety IC and sometimes when there is really a severe lack of manpower, a third 2IC. I can see why he was promoted. But not because of his teaching and his commanding right?

I’m not saying he is a bad senior. He is a responsible and capable S1. But it’s not within his job description. Furthermore it’s not even his part. I think why he participated in the prespec this year is a completely valid question. 

I’m not a stalker I swear!

So recently, my friend and I have been accused of stalking a junior in my school. Apparently she was so ‘traumatized’ by it she cried and even skipped school once because of it. 

We did not stalk her.

According to one of her friends, I kept staring at her after school during CCA. Which was not true. She was running from her CCA’s side of the school concourse to my CCA’s side and instinctively I looked up to see who was the person running towards my general direction. It was human nature. Also because that very day, I followed her on twitter. I followed her because she once retweeted a tweet of mine several weeks or months back. I was always curious about who it was, and when I saw her run past I got reminded of it and I looked her up on twitter and followed her. The aforementioned friend of mine also followed her, because I mentioned her in one of our conversations. He commented on the sheer amount of tweets she had. She took that as an act of stalking. 

Anyway, today during recess he told me that he saw another girl who apparently caught me staring at her. I was NOT staring at her. Recess was right after PE, and I was exhausted. While I was chewing the food in my mouth I just stoned and stared emotionless straight ahead of me. Unfortunately for me she was in that particular straight line. 

Argh. Misunderstandings are the worst. 

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year. Everybody is busy with visiting relatives and going for reunion meals with relatives and whatnot. Unfortunately I don’t have that luxury. All my relatives are in Hong Kong or Canada. The only family I have here is my parents. It’s sad knowing that while all my friends are out “wasting time” with their relatives while I’m at home actually wasting my time. It pains me to know that people would rather not have the opportunity to visit their relatives, because if I had the chance, I would jump at it the first second I can.

What the hell.

What the hell. So just a couple hours ago my CCA chairman come sms me. 

“Hoi Ching, T___W__, and Y_Z__, I received some feedback from a graduated senior that you guys posted some disrespectful tweets about this CCA, something along the lines of ‘Pity the sec 1s who joined *enter CCA name here*’. Also, Hoiching’s twitter dp is disrespectful to this CCA. Pls change it immediately.” or somewhere to that effect. 

What?! Anyone, and I mean ANYONE who follows any or all of the 3 of us would know that we are always tweeting about our life in our CCA. When we say that, it is meant as a joke, because our CCA is renowned for it’s harsh discipline and whatnot. 

Also, my twitter dp has been there pretty much as long as I had that account, give or take a couple weeks. None of my other seniors who followed me had said anything about that. No one said it was disrespectful. Why, all of a sudden this thing come up? 

What the hell.