It pains me that there are people, who don’t necessarily truly want to be her friend, who get to be closer and closer to her without even trying. 

Maybe if when I first met you I was a believer in your deity things would be much, much different. 



Imagine losing someone you loved, and who loved you, on the basis of religion. Aside from her view that I’m now a Godless heathen we were perfect for each other.

Angels & Mortals

In Sec 2, my class, 2IT, played this game. I wasn’t exactly very fond of the idea but I felt that it would be a healthy class-bonding thing, so I was in favour of it. The people were chosen and given out to each particular person. Unfortunately, there was some administration problem or something, and then they had to re-distribute the mortals. The second time the chairman gave it through the facebook messaging system.

Now back then, I wasn’t exactly the most socially active person on the face of the Earth. I didn’t check facebook for about 99% of the time we played this game. So throughout the game I had no idea who my mortal was. So I didn’t get anything. Duh.

Then on the very last day, I find out that it was actually the person sitting next to me.

My crush.

Oh dear Lord.

Of course I didn’t get her anything. As her angel, that is.

Being the stupid (forgive me for my language) fucktard I am, I actually DID get her something. As the person who likes her. I got her a packet of sweets and some letter. :\.


And of course, when she found it I in fact was her angel, she was like… “What the shit”.

Because I know she’ll definitely say “What the shit” instead of other “What the ____” sayings. :L


So yeah I (once again, pardon my language) fucked up bad. Bad.


Physics (from Ancient Greek: φύσις physis “nature”) is a part of natural philosophy and a natural science that involves the study of matter and its motion through space and time, along with related concepts such as energy and force. More broadly, it is the general analysis of nature, conducted in order to understand how the universe behaves. – Wikipedia entry on ‘Physics’

Conducted in order to understand how the universe behaves. I think it is of utmost importance for human beings, an intellectual species who has gained dominance on its plant, to study how the universe around them works. That is why I chose Physics over Biology.

Unfortunately, my interest in Physics has gone down drastically. I used to score distinctions in lower sec. Simply because when I attended the lesson and listened to the teacher, I felt connected to it somehow. But now in upper sec, that seemed to diminish. My interest lessened, and eventually, so did my marks. A’s dropped to B’s and eventually to C’s and D’s. It was a disappointment to me personally. Despite that, I was still just as reluctant to study. I just don’t know why.

Around the end of last year, there was a test on waves and sound. I got 18 for that particular test. It was an improvement, but then in EOY physics paper, my results dropped to a mere D7. Then, recently, there was a test on heat. I got 19 for that.

All 3 papers, I studied. I would put the textbook in front of me, and take notes on foolscap. I only took down formulas and examples of usage. That apparently does not work as well as I thought it would.

I wonder when, or if, my interest in Physics will increase again.

P.S. Then again, maybe it’s the different teachers. My lower sec physics teachers had extremely different teaching styles as compared to my current teacher. Maybe my interest in the subject stems from the teachers’ amazing teaching. Maybe.


I remember when I was younger, specifically P5-6, I had an extreme liking to reading. I would read books all the time. And it didn’t stop there. I would go online, and searched for these books’ authors, and then search for their other works. There was once when I found an online forum for a particular series of books i’ve been reading then, the Pendragon series. (Link: ).

Because of its fantasy nature, there was a very big room for community based spin-offs like fanfiction and speculations and whatnot. In fact, I wrote a fanfiction of my own. It was, according to many of the forumites, very well-written and very captivating. I was very happy that people enjoyed what i wrote.

Unfortunately, the forums got taken down due to the fact that the company decided that it was better to spend their money on other things like printing more books and hiring graphic designers to create online games and graphic novels and whatnot, and an online forum was of no use. Many of the people on the forums were very angry, not because it was taken down, but because there was no form of notice. It just shut down. Kaput.

Since then, i’ve also went on multiple other forums, like the AsiasoftSEA forums, for the short periods of times where i would feel inclined to play their games. Eventually quit their forums because the number of trollers and flamers and whatnot was too damn high. Singaporeans. Tsk.

Since that huge disappointment, I haven’t really written much. Not blogs, not forums. Mostly just going on twitter and spamming people’s timelines. Blogging might be beneficial to me. At least here i get to use proper language and proper spelling and whatnot. Hopefully it just might be the key thing to help me improve my English. Cant afford not getting a distinction for it.



Hello. I am a 15 year old dude living in Singapore. I was born in Hong Kong, then moved here when i was 6. I go to a secondary school and I will be taking my GCE ‘O’ Levels this year.

Ahh. Blogging. It was my favourite passtime when I was younger, when I had a much much more active mind. I blogged about everything I could think of, and that meant pretty much everything. I would also rant about schoolwork. And pretty girls I see walking around town.

I remember I used blogspot then. Now that I’m slightly older, i’d very much prefer a more ‘professional’ kind of feel to my blog. So, WordPress. 🙂 It’s gonna be a great start.